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Discover the perfect bathroom accessory selection at Coldon Homes, where we prioritise quality and customisation.

Our vanities, accessories and our custom-made joinery ensure a seamless fit and allow you to create the bathroom design of your dreams. Below we have gathered some of our favourites to inspire you.

At Coldon Homes, we use only the finest materials and insist on meticulous craftsmanship. Choose from a range of sleek modern designs or timeless classics that meet the highest quality standards.

Custom Fit for Personalised Luxury: Our custom-made joinery ensures a tailored fit, seamlessly integrating your bathroom design. With Coldon Homes, you can create a personalised space that reflects your style and preferences.

Endless Design Possibilities: Explore our extensive range of vanities and accessories, available in various styles, finishes, and configurations. Whether you prefer a minimalist or a luxe look, we have options to suit every preference. Our collection inspires and elevates bathroom interiors including floating vanities and freestanding units.

Explore our gallery today and discover how Coldon Homes can create a bathroom sanctuary of style and comfort.

If you’d like to discuss your new home design options, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. 

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