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EcoRetreat Range

For over six decades, Coldon Homes has been a trusted name in home building along the beautiful Bass Coast and South Gippsland areas of Victoria. Our commitment to delivering exceptional homes that evolve with market demands has been at the core of our success. Today, we’re proud to unveil a new chapter in our legacy – the EcoRetreat Range.

EcoRetreat 1 - Single Bedroom

Sustainable Living Meets Modern Comfort

With the recent announcement by the Victorian government regarding the opportunity to create additional dwellings on existing properties, Coldon Homes has created the EcoRetreat Range. This new home design range represents a bold step towards sustainable living and comfortable modern design.

EcoRetreat 2 - Single Bedroom
EcoRetreat 3 - Two Bedroom

What Sets the Coldon Homes EcoRetreat Range Apart?

Small Footprint: Our EcoRetreat homes are designed to make the most of available space without compromising on comfort or design. We believe that a smaller footprint can lead to a lighter environmental impact and present a solution to many looking to make the use of existing space in their backyard.

Minimum 7+ Star Energy Rating: We take pride in our commitment to energy efficiency. All our EcoRetreat homes are built to achieve a minimum 7+ star energy rating, helping you save on energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

Sustainability Partnerships: At Coldon Homes, we believe that true sustainability is a team effort. That’s why we’re working closely with partners to ensure that our materials and building processes are in line with our sustainable commitment.

Explore the EcoRetreat Range: Now, it’s time to explore the future of sustainable living. Below, you’ll find floor plans and house design renders showcasing our four stunning EcoRetreat designs. Each one is carefully crafted to offer a blend of modern design and environmentally responsible living.

Discover the possibilities

At Coldon Homes, we’re excited to be a part of the evolving housing landscape in Victoria. Our EcoRetreat Range is a testament to our dedication to sustainable living and responsible design. Discover the possibilities, explore our designs, and join us in the journey towards a more eco-friendly and comfortable way of life.
EcoRetreat 4 - Two Bedroom
EcoRetreat 5 - Luxury Two Bedroom

Our largest design

The EcoRetreat 5 is the largest design in the EcoRetreat Range and we’ve spared no effort in ensuring it adheres to the under 60m2 size requirement, making it a perfect fit for secondary dwelling criteria in our region.

Boasting ample space, the EcoRetreat 5 features an additional toilet and a walk-in size shower, adding a touch of luxury to this sustainable design.

With our commitment to eco-friendly practices and innovative design, this home is the perfect large ‘tiny home’. Discover the exceptional comfort and sustainability of the Coldon Homes EcoRetreat 5, where spaciousness meets eco-consciousness.

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