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Don’t just take our word for it – find out what some of our happy home owners had to say about their experience working with us to build their new homes.

We have just completed our build with Coldon. Just wanted to say how happy we have been with the entire process, and a special mention to Earl who has been fabulous to deal with and also made it a very seamless and stress free project for us.”

“We have moved in over the weekend and will definitely be recommending Coldon Homes to others.
Between them, local developers, Kainen and Jason, have just signed their 17th building contract with Coldon Homes.

The Coldon service is the best part. Travis has been fantastic every step of the way with this project and we’re just a couple of months off finishing stage two, the rear units.”

“It’s a big deal for us to invest in a locally owned builder who supports and uses local tradies. The projects are always built to a very high quality and standard. Coldon recognises this is of the utmost importance in a small region like ours. We cannot wait to get started on the next build.
We have family who had built with Coldon previously and they were really happy with everything, so we decided to visit the Coldon sales office in San Remo. From there it was easy. We found a design that we liked that was inline with what we had in mind.”

“Peter was fantastic during the initial planning stages – really wonderful and obliging. We were able to make modifications without hassle, and we did request a few. We switched things up in the ensuite, and the outdoors required additional decking. As first time builders, we were a little nervous, but to have the support and Coldon back our build was really reassuring.”

“Our Site Supervisor, Earl, was great. He was super flexible and happy to help us out with a few things. It really was a pleasure to build our home with Coldon. “We love how light and airy it is. It’s everything we want and need in a home at our stage of life without being oversized. We’re super happy with all the finishes too.
We discovered Coldon through online research followed closely by a visit to the Newhaven display homes.”

“Everyone we dealt with was so helpful. We don’t live in Cowes, so for us to be able to communicate over email and phone was critical. Despite the distance, not once did we feel out of the loop.”

“We made a few design changes to the original plan and this was no problem for Coldon. Keith was so patient with us. He really took his time to help and nothing was a problem.”

“Initially, there were some delays, simply because of the BAL overlay, but once we got planning through council, the build was fast and efficient. We were impressed with the progress each time we visited. Earl, our Building Supervisor, was super quick and responsive and the entire build has met our expectations.”

“We are really happy with the home. The fixed glass window in our kitchen is our favourite part. When we sit and look this way from our dining room table it looks like a painting. The outlook over the bush was something we didn’t want to miss out on. It’s perfect.
I am a very satisfied client. The bonus was when Coldon finished my home three months early – what a nice surprise!
We chose Coldon homes because they are local builders in the area, with local knowledge and are easily accessed. We also felt that the house designs suited a coastal area. Rob O’Neill was an immense help to us with the design. After discussing and pricing a couple of designs, we were able to modify the ‘Moorebank’. We added a garage, flipped the upstairs to face north, enlarged the front and back decks and changed the downstairs to open up the space. The colour selection was an excellent service. Travis Greig, the Site Supervisor, was extremely helpful and accommodating – sending photos and videos, while we were in ‘lockdown’ and allowing us to have numerous ‘walk throughs’ afterwards (including the blind company to measure the windows). He has also arranged a couple of minor faults to be repaired. We are absolutely thrilled with the final results- the house is well finished, great paint work, warm and cosy, yet spacious. Our favourite parts of the house are the Easycraft VJ boards we added to the upstairs walls and ceiling and the views from the front deck. We have already recommended Coldon Homes to our next door neighbours in Corinella, who will be hopefully building soon. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

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