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Build a Sustainable Home: Introducing Coldon Homes’ EcoRetreat Range

With more than six decades of experience as home builders on the Bass Coast and South Gippsland, Coldon Homes proudly introduces the EcoRetreat Range — an innovative response to the increasing demand for smaller, sustainable, contemporary living spaces. 

As the fourth collection in our portfolio, it stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of homeowners.

James Goldsmith, Coldon Homes General Manager, said he and the team are excited about the value these contemporary and functional designs bring to Coldon Homes clients searching for a more sustainable lifestyle.

“Our EcoRetreat homes redefine modern living, strategically maximising space without compromise. It’s about more than a smaller footprint – it’s a thoughtful approach to lightening your environmental impact while utilising your space, including smaller blocks and even the backyard,” says James.

This range has been many months in the making and is a direct response to client requests and the demand for a ‘tiny home’ inspired design. With this in mind, each EcoRetreat home boasts a minimum 7+ star energy rating, promising both energy savings and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

“We take pride in our dedication to energy efficiency, ensuring our clients enjoy economic and environmental benefits,” adds James.

Recognising the value of collaboration, Coldon Homes actively partners with industry leaders to align materials and building processes with sustainable practices.

“True sustainability is a team effort, and our partnerships ensure our clients experience a home that genuinely reflects their values,” he said.

Explore the future of sustainable living with Coldon Homes’ EcoRetreat Range. Discover the possibilities, embrace eco-friendly living, and join us on this exciting journey towards a home that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Featuring four distinct designs, including studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom floor plans, the EcoRetreat Range is the latest addition to Coldon Homes’ diverse portfolio, which already includes the Easy Start, Leisure Range, and Premier Range. 

Explore these collections to find the perfect fit for your dream home and start your journey towards a sustainable and stylish living experience.

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